â™Let Live and Let Die

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Ryan Kesler brings his son to practice.

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sex and the city was a good show..

Carrie and Big FOREVER!! ❤❤❤

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Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) | Janet Jackson (ft. Carly Simon)

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I love you…

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I do wish I could help. I wish I could help you.

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Tony Goldwyn’s truth in TV Guide.


I love that Tony is open and willing to give his personal opinion and forever stands by Olitz.

Man, Tony just wants Fitz to be able to love his lady. I will forever love this man. I am only here for him. He is everything. I love his determination. He not trying hear about it being no Olitz. They are a must.

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Feeling some type of way



So the moment Craylivia/Olivia Nope said “I love you” I knew only bad things would happen with Olitz.  At this point, I’m like “Whatever” because Olivia is a one trick pony when it comes to Fitz.

Bitch stay running so I ain’t surprised.

The thing that bothered me the most was the killing of little Jerry even though he was being a dick at one point.  Damn, like, what the fuck has Fitz done to deserve this shit?  Even thirsty for power, dried up Mellie don’t deserve that shit. 

And for Olivia’s father to be the one to do it because Fitz took his daughter away, I have no words.. wait.. I do.  WHAT THE FUCK?  As far as I know Craylivia is the one who has no problem climbing on that dick and asking for crazy ass favors that ultimately cost that man his son. 

I know the Fitz haters (aka the man haters) will continue to complain that Fitz isn’t right for Olivia Nope without considering that maybe it’s Olivia who isn’t right for Fitz because her ass and her crazy ass family are some toxic ass people.   

Shonda and dem lazy writers have sank to new low.  Killing babies to keep Fitz and Olivia apart was some uncalled shit.  I’m not even going to talk about Tom. Nope. Y’all getting paid all this money to write and y’all can’t write a Presidential Win without some greek tragedy happening.

Okay Rant Over… Happy Easter Everybody!  I for one will be taking my ass to church to beg him forgiveness for wasting my time on this show.


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Is It Just Me?
Chapter 4: Office Life

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It’s about to go down: Fitz vs. Lizzie

Seriously I love this.



It’s about to go down: Fitz vs. Lizzie

Seriously I love this.

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#scandal, s03e18:   an open letter to Captain Jake Ballard.    -redork


Reblogging again because this had me howling with laughter! No lies! 😂😂😂😂

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le dernier projet de Tony - LA FRACTURE-




le dernier projet de Tony - LA FRACTURE-


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Not to mention that the most Scandalously Passionate couple on tv’s history is coming back tomorrow ♥ 

Don’t miss Scandal season premiere tomorrow on ABC 

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